Design Hotel in Barcelona

The Gran Hotel La Florida is noted for the elegance and exquisiteness with which it approaches details.

The original facade, dating from 1925, was left intact and many of the original decorative and structural elements were meticulously renovated.
As an impressive visual counterpoint, the hotel also displays the Barcelona of the XXI century through vibrant contemporary art. Three spectacular modern sculptures from the British artists Ben Jakober and Yannick Vu represent the elements of earth, light and water.

Paintings of flowers can also be found throughout the hotel, which are the work of the Catalan artist Isabel Cruellas, who was especially commissioned for the inauguration of the hotel. These surprising paintings evoke the modernist sensibilities of the social areas of the hotel, offering a dash of local flavour. A perfect synthesis of the traditional and the new, where wrought iron and wood combine with stainless steel and glass appear in a harmonious way.

This all makes the Gran Hotel La Florida the most splendid destination in Barcelona.

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